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Olive Juice Warehouse Sale

• 26 January 2009

On a whim I popped onto my favorite site for children's clothes to check and see if they jumped on the "amazing-sale-bandwagon". Sure enough, they didn't want to be left behind! You'll find their normally high-priced clothing available for Gap/Old Navy prices now until Wednesday. I particularly am a fan of their blouses & cute and so French looking, but cheaper (when on sale) than anything similar in France.


  1. "Olive" their clothes! Thanks for the suggestion ~ unfortunately, all of their available clothes are too tiny for my kids. I guess I need to have another baby! :{

  2. I was looking on their site today and nothing is the right size. Do you know of any other great sites with european looking clothes?

  3. Lauren, that happened to me the last sale--everything was gone in the sizes I needed!

    I've purchased Olive Juice clothing in Ebay before and been happy. Maybe give that a try. Some is new and some is in EUC.

    There are a lot of European clothing companies out there but most are super pricey. Crazy 8 is Gymboree's less expensive line and every now and again they have a few items that are very French looking. I bought two things from Crazy 8 this year and both look European. Some people even think I picked them up in France. So maybe give that website a try. Just be discerning :)

  4. just got something for both kiddies. of course they won't get into them for a couple of years but the clothes on this site seem to be timeless. thanks for the info.

  5. Lauren, one more thing...Kayce Hughes Pears & Bears. I just purchased a few tops for my kids from there that were on sale. They arrived yesterday and are adorable!

  6. stephanie...just got the brown tweed dress and navy toggle coat from olive juice. they are beautiful. i love them. thanks so much for sending the olive juice info!


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