stephmodo: Anthropologie or Aerosoles?

Anthropologie or Aerosoles?

• 01 February 2008

Can you tell which is which? (hint: 4 pairs Anthro; 4 pairs Aerosoles)

The Aerosole versions (also real leather) are on super clearance for $20-$30; the Anthro versions are minimum $100 and top off at $188. Is this a no-brainer or what?

Bonus: comfort & fashion at the same time


  1. Okay, I only got them right because I know the format of anthropologie online. What a great find with aerosoles. I have never bought their brand--are they really comfortable like they say?

  2. Yes, they really are. Can you imagine wearing a pair of shoes with real shearling inside? So soft...

  3. thanks! i just ordered 3 cute pairs from aerosoles..cute & comfy & affordable!

  4. You are in trouble. I just bought 2 pairs of shoes from Aerosoles...and they weren't the 19.99 ones!! heehee

  5. Here's another great shoe sale:

  6. Robin, that is a great shoe sale.

    Tamara, I can't wait to see what you picked up. Last season was so lame at Aerosoles but every now and then you hit a jackpot. I always check back each year b/c comfort is essential as a Mom or a city-dweller. I worked my old Aerosoles to death in San Francisco :) No one ever guessed where I bought them...never!

  7. Thanks for the tip. I clicked right over to aerosoles and ordered two pairs (including the blue shoes you posted). You should get a commission or something.

  8. I found and ordered 3 great pairs, thanks to you! And such a great deal--3 pairs, shipping included, for only $75! Can't wait to see how they fit.


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