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A Proper Tribute

• 01 February 2008

When trying to figure out how I could properly offer a tribute to President Gordon B. Hinckley, I found this over at A Little Sussy. She really said it all. Sometimes when we can't find the words, others (thankfully) can. Click here to read Nicole's simple tribute.

What a wonderful, wonderful man he was...with such a great sense of humor to boot. I will never his fantastic interview with CNN commentator Larry King. Click here to read the transcript.

After listening to Sherri Dew (she wrote his biography) speak so candidly of him on Thursday evening, I am inspired to read his biography. I feel I could learn a lot from his life. If only all of use put a tenth of the effort he exerted into doing good and improving the lives of others. What a better place this world would be.


  1. Thanks for your kind words on President Hinckley. His funeral today was so sweet and I am reminded by his example that I should do better.

    What a blessing he has been.

    Enjoyed looking at your blog!

  2. I will miss him too. He has blessed my life and I am so grateful for him and his example.

  3. I also feel like my tribute was inadequate. But at least just that many more people hopefully know who he was because of it. What an amazing man.


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