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Food for Thought

• 01 February 2008

...he's my kind of eater. Or rather, the eater I'd like to become, especially if I lived in the Bay Area where fresh food is plentiful, beautiful and tasty...oh how I miss the Ferry Building and the wonderful Farmers Market it hosts each week. However, as a consolation prize I sent in my check this week for this year's CSA program. I'm excited already for those weekly boxes of freshly picked, organic produce. Yum.

If you want to get a taste (sorry I couldn't resist!) of what he's all about, click here to read Michael Pollan's interview on NPR. After reading more about him, I totally sold on a few of his mantras. Here is a sampling: (again, I couldn't resist another pun)

* Buy local over organic, if you have to choose; often the local farms are practically organic anyway but just aren't "certified" by the USDA. You can find out these things quite easily with a phone call.

* Cut out processed foods (anything including more than 5 ingredients)

* Stress quality of food over quantity.

Click here to read more about his new book, In Defense of Food.


  1. I've been reading your fun blog for a little while and enjoy all your great cooking and shopping tips. Thanks for the info about CSA's--I'm going to go sign up right now! There's nothing better than farm fresh veggies all summer long.

  2. I already have the book (it's our February Reader's Group book) and can't wait to get going on it....once I'm done with "Animal, Vegetable, Miracle" about a family that committed to eating locally for one year. They're now hooked!

  3. Have you read any of Michael Pollan's previous books? The Botany of Desire is one of my favorite books, and I hope to borrow The Omnivore's Dilemma from my father-in-law soon, which he loved. I'll be excited to move onto this new book when I'm done with the last one.


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