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Artist, Wendy Chidester

• 03 February 2008

I first discovered this unique artist at a benefit downtown last Autumn. My friend Merrilee invited me to attend with her in lieu of her out-of-town-hubby and it was a wonderful opportunity to see so many talented local artists all in one location. The event even included all the Les Madeleines treats you could shove onto your little dessert plate; unless of course you have no problem abandoning social graces at moments like this and instead decide to carry around two plates with you all evening. I don't know anyone who would do that...

You can view Wendy's available works here.


  1. I love her subject matter! These paintings are really great... and make me miss the sound of old typewriters!

  2. Uh... I would carry around two plates of dessert. :) I'm your tactless friend.


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