stephmodo: Late Night with G-Pa

Late Night with G-Pa

• 07 February 2008

Lucky for us, my Dad had a layover on Saturday night here at the SLC airport. I let the two oldest stay up a few hours past their bedtimes in order to indulge them in a full hour with their Grandpa "Atch", as L. would say. Undoubtedly, they were the most hyper and over-tired human beings at the airport but they were also having the most fun too. More than a few bystanders found amusement in their antics :)

And by the way Dad, the kids could not love their little cups any more.


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  2. David has mentioned more than once how E and L will call him at random times. What a great way to build relationships.

  3. They truly have a grandpa who loves them to pieces!!!

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  5. It was a PERFECT way to finish my trip. I was having so much fun playing with E and L that I would have missed my flight if it had not been delayed. Steph had to remind me about the time. Thank you Stephanie for making the extra effort to make the visit happen. I was sorry to miss Ben and S.


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