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Date Night

• 14 April 2008

For about a month and a half before and after a weekend getaway we tend to forego our date nights. We do this to both save money and to take care of other things in our busy lives so we CAN get away. This strategy seems to work well for us. By the time we split for the airport, we are very much ready to be together and to enjoy our precious time away.

Last weekend marked the its-about-time-we-went-out-on-a-date-again moment (Netflix nights at home excluded) so we secured a babysitter and decided to try out a new restaurant, Caffe Niche. Lucky for us they offered free live jazz too! The menu is very limited but the offerings are tasty. I would say the food is mostly Italian (at least the dinner) with a few other Mediterranean offerings mixed in for good measure. We ventured out early-ish (around 6) and by the time we left at 7:30, the entire restaurant was full. I love seeing a new {and tasty} restaurant "make it". Let's hope it sticks, unlike this little gem. Where am I to go for a delicious chocolate fix? sigh.

After Caffe Niche we headed to Barnes & Noble to research our family vacation to the City of Lights. The most important aspect of our research revolved around things to do with our kids in a not-so-kid-friendly city. Or maybe it is...I guess I am not sure. I've never been with kiddos in tow. Does anyone have any tips?

Before heading home at the early hour of 9:30 we opted for a gelato fix here. The place was packed! The passion-fruit gelato really hit the spot with a bit of coconut alongside. Yum. I'm seriously addicted to this passion-fruit/coconut duo. I find it creeping up here and here. Next time we decided to opt for the receive more ice cream for a cheaper price than two individual gelatos. Anyone want to come? :)


  1. This was a great article in Cookie Magazine about a family friendly Paris trip:

  2. My parents took us to Paris when I was 18 and my brothers were 16 and 13...and honestly we weren't old enough to appreciate it. Typical things like the Louvre were just exhausting and my brothers both hated it (and if they saw one more naked painting/sculpture they said they were going to poke their eyes out), so be sure to find lots of family friendly things to do. The Eiffel Tower was definitely a highlight, and we took a drive up to Normandy which was quite humbling, even for teenagers.

  3. I'd love to come along...I ate gelato every day I was in italy many years ago (oh yes, I gained a few lbs). And Niche sounds like a refreshing change of pace with a tempting (and affordable!) menu! Thanks for sharing. Good luck on the jealous am I!

  4. We have taken our kids to Paris twice (9 & 5, 10 & 6). I would love to give you some ideas of what worked. My kids loved it both times! I think teenagers( like Amber said) have other things are their minds, so school age children are great. They do not know that museums "aren't cool" yet. Email me and I will respond. :)

  5. Definitely... take me! And hopefully you'll get some great tips on Paris with children (I can't help thinking about my favorite childhood book "Eloise in Paris"!). My cousin took her daughter when she was 3, just over a year ago, and they had a great time. Little Natalie enjoyed the Louvre and sight-seeing in the city. They even took her out to eat, so I would assume that it's friendly enough. What an experience for your children! Start practicing your "merci's" and "bon matin's", etc.!


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