Guest Blogger {the Husband}: Ulu Knives

• 10 April 2008

Once upon a time I cooked quite a bit. In fact believe it or not I was once the primary cook in the house; but now I am lucky enough to have been demoted to primary partaker of whatever tasty morsel my wife whips up. One of my favorite cooking tools for years was an Ulu knife I picked up in Alaska while driving tour busses up there for a summer. What’s an ulu knife you say? According to this site it was primarily used by Eskimo women for skinning and cleaning fish and has played an important role in the survival of the Arctic people. Blades were originally made of polished slate and given a bone, ivory or wood handle.

My ulu knife was made from an old saw blade that was trimmed, sharpened, and had a bone handle put on it. What started out to be a souvenir turned out to be the perfect all-purpose knife for cooking. I could chop, slice, dice, julian, mince etc, and even rapid fire slice up quesadillas and pizza with this bad baby... The only down side was that the Alaska-made knife rusted pretty quickly. I was hesitant to get rid of my rusty kitchen companion until I came across this knife. While Wusthof claims it’s a mincing knife, we use every day for just about everything.. In fact we need another one because it’s always in the dishwasher! If you’re a cook and willing to invest $35, this little baby won’t do you wrong!

Note from the Wife: this knife is also perfect for dividing up pb&j sandwiches in .5 seconds :)

PS: Here's a link to a listing of several places to purchase the knife!


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