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Menu of the Week

• 16 April 2008

Pasta w/Pesto, Potatoes & Green Beans

Red Curry Chicken over Jasmin Rice (never made it last week so here we go again!)

Wild Mushroom Risotto, Butter Lettuce Salad, Crusty Bread

Corn & Cheddar Chowder, Red Lettuce Salad w/Cucs & Peppers

Garlic & Pepper Marinated Steak, Sauteed Haricots Verts, Baguette

Since I've been munching on cupcakes from here as well as Girl Scout cookies all week, I am not planning on making any desserts. But, that doesn't mean I won't have a weak moment....:) I'll keep ya posted.


  1. This is a very timely post for me! Do YOU ever have those weeks where you run dry on menu ideas?

  2. Can I come eat at your house this week?

  3. Laurie, while I don't ever run dry on recipes (I constantly feel like I have so many recipes to try and so little time!) I do have those nights when we have pancakes, waffles or a Costco special for dinner! For inspiration try (they have a super ratings system that helps you "sift") and a few cookbooks like The Carefree Cook, any of the Barefoot Contessa books, or the new Everyday Food.

  4. Mmm...pesto...curry...risotto...Now I'm hungry. I never thought to pair pasta and potatoes in the same dish. I might try it! Here is one of my favorites as the weather warms and tomatoes ripen:,,FOOD_9936_31416,00.html.

  5. Kimberly, that does look like a great recipe. When I start receiving tomatoes from my CSA I'll have to make it. Thank you for the recommendation!

  6. Okay... YUM!!! You always amaze me at the way you can plan all of this wonderful food each week!

  7. I've been looking for a reason to make homemade pesto... my basil plants never last very long, after buying. I'm clueless as to why- having tried sun, shade, water, misting, etc. I've got to do something soon with one I bought last week. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Wish I could say mine was going to be homemade :) It's amazing how easy and tasty it is to pick up storemade pesto these days! Harmons has a good one...

  9. Thanks for the great recipe/cookbook suggestions!


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