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Mudroom Makeover

• 22 April 2008

photo via Crate & Barrel

Once upon a time after looking at a layout like this (see above), I decided to embark upon a mini makeover in my own mudroom. I realized that coming home to a tidy space would be far less overwhelming than walking into what appeared to be a mini-landfill. Although some days this room slowly reverts back to its landfill-roots, we (I) try to keep it relatively junk-free.

I use this basket to schlep shoes and other things upstairs. One
of the kids' little jobs is to return the shoes to their rightful closets.
I find that we need to do this about 2x per week. I also found since
having 3 kids, I need a clock in the mudroom so I can see exactly
what time I {need} to leave and what time I'm arriving home. Things
are a little more hectic around here these days needless to say!

I use these galvanized steel bins from IKEA to store gloves, hats, umbrellas, etc.
One bin is for the kiddos and one is for the {sometimes} grownups :) There is room
for everyone to store one or maybe two pairs of shoes downstairs; same with
the coats--one or two coats per person. Other, lesser-used coats are stored in the
official "coat closet". I love the stainless steel board (from here) because
it is functional and provides a nice clean look. On the board I clip fun pictures, pretty
cards, important papers for my kids and inspiring quotes. The latest addition was the
grass-covered letter press card from Marilyn I received in the Spring Swap.


  1. Beautiful and Inspiring! That is a room that I need to tackle. Especially after winter!!

  2. I love, love, love the little clippings on you magnetic board. Especially the umbrellas. Lovely. :)

  3. wow, that room looks GREAT, stephanie! you are so CLEAN!!

  4. Lynne, only a few days of the week :)

  5. I really love the metal accents! In the inspiration photo, the window with topiary is so fresh looking!

  6. Wow! It looks very neat! I was very motivated to do some makeovers at our house. I especially like the stainless board.

  7. You've inspired me once again. I've had the mudroom in the back of my mind for ages. Time to get going on it.

  8. Mark and I were just discussing our mud room this morning. Figuring out flooring and benches and such. I love the idea of a clock!!! Perfect addition for sure!

  9. In my dreams my mudroom looks like those pictures, but even with cubbies for each family member and plenty of hooks for the backpacks and jackets, it never seems to look the way I want. I need to put my foot down and demand that the room look like this.

    I think I will print off that first picture to inspire my family to try harder to pick up after themselves. I can definitely relate to the landfill reference you made.

    Thanks, once again for the inspiration and for the shout out!


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