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Artist in Residence

• 20 May 2008

This year E. was chosen as one of the three artists featured in their Spring Fling program at school. This is the "masterpiece" she created for the show, depicting herself with her two siblings flying kites. I thought it was super cute she wanted to include them. The school laminated it and everything, making it easy for me to save and store in her special box.

She is growing up so quickly! Aaah!!!


  1. Adorable. And yes they do grow up way too fast!

  2. Beautiful, E.!!! You must be related to your Aunty Kris! I loved to draw when I was her age, too...and my mom saved some of those drawings which I still keep in a box of mementos from my life. I get a kick out of looking at them every once in a while. She will, too, as she gets older. Can't wait to see you all again, soon! Love, MOM

  3. What a great piece of art! Totally a treasure. Congrats to Miss E for the honor!

  4. Congratulations, E.! Your picture is awesome! Maybe the next time we hang out we can draw together.

    Aunt Kris

  5. May well be time to do an art show with so much talent in the family - well done E. So proud of all the great things you do, but especially how kind you are to L & S.

  6. This should be the definition of "cutie-pie"!! I love seeing children proud of their art work!


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