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Special Boxes

• 08 May 2008

When I was little, my parents started saving keepsakes in an old tomato box. We called it my "special box". Each of my sisters had their own special boxes too. I can't remember if we all had tomato boxes though...girls? Anyway, I can't tell you the joy that comes when, as an adult, you sift through old drawings, report cards, pictures, trophies, clothing, etc. and slowly remember the "good ol' days". It almost makes you feel like your life has come full circle in a way. All of a sudden you feel more connected to the "old you"--the child in you.

I'm continuing the tradition with each of my own kids. Right now their special boxes are heavy plastic containers that were on sale at Home Depot last year (I'd do tomato boxes if I could!) Inside the boxes are pictures, particularly adorable drawings, notes, cards, etc. I try to remember to write the date in tiny letters somewhere on the keepsake; or just attach a post-it indicating the date of creation and any other tidbit of information that might be interesting in years to come.

I hope that someday my kids will find the same happiness in their "Special Boxes" as I've found in mine.

Here are a few things going in our special boxes this month (from top left going clockwise):

1. a little package she made for me out of the blue one day

2. a piece of paper with the French flag, the Eiffel Tower, and a sack of baguettes (she's not excited to go to France or anything!)

3 & 4. the napkin and note on my placemat the morning she made breakfast for us all last week


  1. I love this idea! I never know what to do with their artwork. I usually hang it up for a week and then trash it. Occasionally I put some extra special ones in a file, but there is not much organization to it. I'm going to start this tradition in our house!

  2. Great idea. It's about time to start saving things from our kiddie too. :)

  3. This was a tradition that I picked up from my sister, Marilyn, I think. Anyway, it was an idea I got from someone else. It just seemed like a great idea to handle all those odds and ends that would be keepsakes from the past, and you girls felt special stowing something away in your "special box". I'm so glad you get such pleasure from sorting through it! I'd love to see it again on our next visit. Love, MOM


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