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the Beauty of Swapping

• 08 May 2008

I love swaps...any kind will do.

I swap meals with one of my neighbors weekly and I participate in a weekly project swap with one of my sister-in-laws. It's awesome! Let me elaborate.

Swapping meals is a beautiful thing--at least Kate and I think so. It's not for everyone but if you have a nearby friend who's game, go for it. We find it doesn't take a lot of extra time to double a recipe and we enjoy being exposed to different cuisine and of course, a night off!! One week I bring Kate's family a meal, the next week she brings me a meal, and so on. It's a great system with just the right amount of commitment.

My sister-in-law Tiffany and I are both first-time homeowners and are experiencing (for the first time) the struggle to maintain a remotely orderly household. More space means more junk. As our families expand, responsibilities increase, and life becomes busier than ever, we find we have less time to keep the "junk" in order. Ironically though, this is the time in our lives when we can really benefit from being a little more on top of things.

So, Tiffany and I take turns weekly lending a helping hand. One night per week I help out at her house and then the next week she comes to mine. Often we can't begin until 8:30 and 9 p.m., but we {try} to keep it to 1.5 hours so we're not up too late! During our "project time" we take on things like organizing closets, folding laundry, putting together a playroom, cleaning out cupboards, wiping baseboards, hanging pictures, and finding things to sell on Craigslist. Really anything goes, as long as it helps us feel more satisfied and on top of things in some small (or large) way.

So grab a friend and get swappin'!

Here is a "before" and "after" shot of my lazy susan cupboard we tackled last week. Between the two of us it only took a manageable time of thirty minutes! Now that's my kinda gig.


  1. Wow, these are both fantastic ideas! Thanks for sharing, you're amazing!

  2. GREAT ideas! I think I would just want to sit and talk with my friend instead of clean....but I guess you can do both right?

  3. May I ask where your plastic containers are from. looks like just what I need.

  4. Excellent ideas! Thanks for posting about this.

  5. At first glance I thought your post was titled "beauty swap" and I was so excited. But these ideas are actually even more exciting. Lucky you to have a fun sister-in-law! And a gourmet neighbor!

  6. Leah, I purchased them at IKEA. Love them! Inexpensive too :)

  7. What great ideas! I love the project swap especially, because I can imagine that you're having a bit more fun when you're doing it together and enjoying the social time.

  8. I love this.. It would solve my too many leftovers problem AND give me a night off here and there. Thank you!

  9. I love the idea of swapping! I wouldn't mind someone helping me clean out my pantry, but then I'd have to show them what a huge mess it was.

  10. Love this. The work is SO much more fun (and faster) with a friend!

  11. Hello! I'm your new fan..and this is great idea.. :)
    Hm,I'll have to find someone interested and willing for this kind of game


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