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Interior Fix

• 06 May 2008

Do you live in the Seattle area? Do you also need a little help adding some color, some visual interest to your living space/s? (honestly, who doesn't?!)

My ingenious and entrepreneurial sister Cher just started her own business...complete with business license, business cards (done by this talented gal), and a few clients on the docket. It's called Interior Fix and I am super excited for her!

Her mission statement is to "to provide a comfortable, interactive experience for homeowners wanting simple design advice that achieves maximum impact. My unique approach combines cost-conscious, do-it-yourself home improvements with enhanced space use to create big changes in your home."

She's done a sweet job renovating her Doris-Day home (as she fondly calls it) and I've had the pleasure of taking in all the amazing transformations myself. Let's just say lots of oohing and aahing took place. You can see some of the pictures I took here.

She charges a super reasonable per-room fee (125 - 1 room; 200 - 2 rooms; 250 - 3 rooms) to create a detailed design "recipe" that gives specific advice about furniture placement, color schemes, home improvements, etc. and then discusses the design with the client. All the client needs to do is go pick up the prescribed list of "ingredients". If the client desires a little extra help with implementation, Cher will also pitch in for a reasonable hourly fee. If I were a client, I would definitely take advantage of all the talent wrapped up in this amazing woman. She can install light fixtures, fix plumbing, paint, design, wallpaper, organize, and help with shopping if necessary too. Talk about talent!

Basically, she's there to help walk you through with the entire design process as you discover your ideal style and how you want to live. It's that simple.

So if you need a interior one that Cher here.


  1. Wow, she is very talented. Good for her! I hope some day my business takes off and people will be saying as nice of things about my jobs as people have said about your sisters!! Does she have a website?


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