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Constantly Hugged Goats

• 18 June 2008

The always fabulous and witty Design Mom posted a hilarious clip this morning that had me in stitches. Given the early wake-up call today, I needed a little comic relief! Watching it was a good reminder that balance is a good thing.

Goldfish + Organic Milk = How I Like It


  1. that's my equation too. goldfish + organic milk ;-)

  2. I saw this last night and was totally laughing as well...I am the same way as you- organic milk, goldfish, and I am lucky if my kids eat any fruit.

    I saw your posts on tangled and true last week, britt is a good friend of mine and you and I worked for a brief few weeks together at the Fashion Place Nordstrom. I remember you were recently engaged or getting married and I LOVED your ring. That was years ago...looks like much has changed for both of us. I love your blog!!

    Sara G. (you can get to my blog through Brittany's personal blog FYI) :)

  3. I think that guy represents about 70% of the population in Cambridge...

  4. Oh, this is so funny!!! But between you and me, I think I sound like this sometimes...eeeeek! My kids still eat the occasional Fruit Loops bowl of cereal though...don't tell anyone!


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