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The Gourmet Mama...that's You!

• 18 June 2008

As the song goes, "I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it". I'm going to do something I've wanted to do for some time--offer a cooking class!

I sense, from comments and emails, that many women want to make dinner more frequently for their families (and make it nice), but don't have a lot of time given the challenging role of motherhood. In addition, it's difficult to feel confident in one's cooking skills if one does not have a lot of experience or was never given culinary instruction. Confession: I used to be a lost soul in the kitchen. Truly lost. I could bake a few things but cooking a savory meal was out of my comfort zone...big time. Just ask the Husband. He has some good stories about my culinary woes :)

Tending to details for a Thanksgiving Dinner in our first tiny San Francisco
apartment for no less than 14 guests...with an 18-inch stove to boot!
Back in 2001 when I was pregnant with baby #1. Wow, time flies.

My point is, cooking and feeling comfortable in the kitchen is an acquired skill. While culinary school would undoubtedly be a wonderful experience, you don't have to attend the C.I.A. to create simple, delicious meals for you and your family every day. Anyone can cook well with a few things:

1. desire
2. effort
3. love for good food
4. family support (as in "appreciation"!)

I'll teach you tips for better presentation, how to plan meals, where to shop for certain ingredients, etc. I'll also share "make-ahead" tips and my favorite recipes--all tried and true.
The cost of the class ($30) includes the cost of food (we'll eat what we make!), instruction, and color hand-outs (for those recipe binders!). This is going to be a casual class and more like a "Girls Night In/Out". My hope is to help more women realize their inner "gourmet mama" and learn the skill of creating simple, beautiful, delicious meals. I plan on limiting the class sizes to 4 people to ensure the best experience possible.


The Gourmet Mama: Dinner
Thursday, June 26
7 to 9 p.m.

The Gourmet Mama: Brunch
Saturday, July 19
10 a.m. until noon.

Please email me ( if you are interested in signing up!


  1. Sounds fun! I definitely could use some pointers on "plating" my meals more purposefully and beautifully. But I don't live in SLC. I'm sure they will be great classes!

  2. Hey Steph,

    I would love to attend one of your cooking classes, however, those 2 dates will not work for me. Will you be doing any classes in August at night?? let me know and I'm in. Thanks and loves, Julie

  3. this looks great Steph! I am so impressed, as usual, by your entrepreneurial spirit! (so sad that we live so far away!)

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Julie,

    I won't be offering any in August but I'll definitely offer one in September. It will be great to see you!

  6. Oh, how I wish I lived in Utah! That is exactly what I've been needing. Be sure to posts lots of pictures! Lisa

  7. I would do the Dinner Class, but will be out of town. I guess I'll catch you on the next time you do a dinner class. Thanks.

  8. aaaahhh, i wish so bad I lived there and could come. i am so sad about this! but very cute that you are doing it.

  9. i would love to come, i'm off on thursdays so that would be great but i'll be out of town. i hope you are doing some later in the summer!

  10. I'm about ready to fly to Utah. I'm so jealous!

  11. I'm really thinking about doing this--but can you tell me what part of Utah you live in? That's kind of a big consideration for me since I live kind of far away from everything out here in the sticks (Tooele). :)

  12. What a delightful gal you are!

  13. Could you come to California???? :) Great idea, have fun!

  14. I think this is such a fabulous idea! I hope you have much success at it!

  15. I really wish I could come... could I have a private lesson in Italy? I can't believe I've been cooking on my own for nearly 10 years, and I don't know how to meal plan. So sad.


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