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Mrs. Meyers Lavender Hand Soap

• 17 June 2008

This is my all-time favorite hand soap, and I've tried many. The scent makes my bathroom smell like a spa. I've learned to never under-estimate the power of a superb hand soap. Sometimes it's the little things that matter!

You can view the website here and check out the entire line. You can order products online or at local boutiques and stores. Here in Salt Lake you can find the Mrs. Meyers line of products at Harmons, Bath & Body Works and Emigration Market.

Thank you Merrilee for the introduction!


  1. I have this soap too...and you are right about it being a great bathroom soap. Mmmmmm.

  2. I adore these products also. They do make all the difference.

  3. I love this entire Lavender line! I pick mine up at Orson Gygi off 3300 s. and 300 w.
    The countertop spray and dishsoap are great also! Your entire kitchen -no matter what your cooking : ) -
    smell divine!

  4. I've seen the soap at Bed Bath & Beyond. I wondered what kind of soap it is. Now, I should try it :)


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