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Did You Know...

• 27 June 2008

...'that the African desert is the biggest desert in the world! It's as big as the whole United States!'

This is what my daughter expressed to me today after summer camp, with all the drama a 6-year-old can muster (and that's a lot these days). Confession: I actually thought it was an interesting tidbit of information :)

Here is the accompanying piece of art. You'll find a person on all fours, crawling in the desert (I'm sorry my scanner chopped off the back half--I couldn't eliminate the small water source on the other side!). The person is crawling towards the itsy bitsy water source on the opposite side of the drawing...that is if it can get past that menacing scorpion...and the lizard :)

I really got a kick out of this...can you tell?


  1. I'd say that you have a budding artist there! Nice job, E.! You take after your Auntie Kristen! XOX

  2. You should add this to the gallery!


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