Organizing Tip #12

• 02 June 2008

Per Danyelle's request, I'm keeping these organizing tips coming along... :)

Take just a few minutes to walk through your home with a garbage bag, gathering every useless item you can.

Last night I actually did this myself (most of the tips I offer up are usually ones I need help with) and found it very therapeutic. Seriously. I took a kitchen trash bag to my bathroom and surprisingly, filled it up. I couldn't believe how much junk my bathroom harbored--so many things I wasn't using. It felt so good to clean out the closet and drawers.

I can't wait to do the same to the rest of the house. Less is more!

Click here for the full article and additional tips.

photo via Stylehive--they actually make garbage bags like this!


#1 Make your bed each day
#2 Clean out your closet (take out everything not worn in past 12 months)
#3 Clear off kitchen counter tops (remove anything you don't use 2x weekly)
#4 Clean out your car
#5 Unclutter your mind--start writing thoughts down right away to relieve stress
Find ways to organize in one minute or less (purse, drawer, etc.)
Place a pretty dish on dresser tops and nightstands to collect jewelry, loose change, and pocket paraphernalia.
#8 Gather up recipes and clipped magazine pages and throw them all into one accessible binder for easy meal-organizing.
Sort mail immediately...preferably over the trash :)
#10 Clean out your car weekly
# 11 Do a 5-minute nightly sweep


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