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To Market, To Market

• 03 June 2008

No, I didn't buy a fat pig but I did come home with freshly picked spring onions, asparagus, yellow raspberries, halibut and shrimp (one of the benefits of driving is being able to schlep a cooler). I was one happy girl. The year-round market in Seattle makes me want to move there.

Fresh poppies--a dozen for $10 !! (that's my sis!)

Hungry yet? Get thee hence to Seattle.


  1. I love Farmers Markets and can't wait for them to start opening here in Utah. Cher you look just the same, beautiful as ever.

  2. We have a year round one here too in Lancaster! It's actually the oldest indoor market in the U.S. I feel so inspired to cook every time I go!

  3. I LOVE Farmers Markets - that produce looks amazing!!

  4. I agree with Kris...What a smile!

  5. I'm totally impressed you packed a cooler! Have a safe journey home. Love the picture of the morels.

  6. I'm a Washington native (lived all over the state during my childhood) and now that I'm far, far away your photos are making me very homesick! Beautiful photography, and it looks like you had a lovely time.


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