stephmodo: Strawberry Picking at Day Farms

Strawberry Picking at Day Farms

• 28 June 2008

We stumbled upon this farm while taking a road detour and I was thrilled with the find. After living in Massachusetts where apple-picking farms abound, it was fun to discover a local farm that allowed us all to do some pickin' on our own. I've never visited a strawberry farm so this was fun for everyone, mom included. The 100 degree weather I could've lived without, but the thought of returning on a cooler day (75?) is tantalizing.

Along the way we discovered asparagus plants as well. I'd never seen one...have you? The asparagus literally grow straight out of the ground like a tall, thick blade of grass. It was quite the sight. The kids enjoyed learning a little more about where our food comes from and to be honest, I did too. I think we all have a little kid inside us despite our adult status :)

On the way home we passed a lemonade stand and had to stop and indulge. Ya gotta support the little people, right? Did I happen to mention it was 100 degrees? I really do love old-fashioned activities like operating one's own lemonade stand. I should do this with my kids. However, we might have to come up with a better location...


  1. I love berry picking. How fun. I also like the new green banner.

  2. Oh fun! My parents used to take us to a church ranch to pick strawberries and play in the barn, back when the church still owned the ranch. I loved it! I also love strawberries! Ooooh freezer jam on the way!

  3. What a fun adventure. U-Pick places are so fun and the berries seem so much bigger than when you grow them yourself. We don't have berry picking places around here and I miss that. When we lived in Nova Scotia there were a few around there though.
    What fun for your kiddies. And topping the day off with lemonade from a stand is perfect!

  4. I love Lemonade stands! The kids who put them on by them selves are the best! Some great stories come from those stands!!

  5. Yum! Nothing better than fresh strawberries in the summer! I'm surprised that you never came with us to the strawberry/apple farm in Ohio. Maybe you weren't old enough to help. I don't think my back could survive picking strawberries these days! Now blueberries in Massachusetts...that was more my kind of picking! They grow on bushes, so you stand up and fill your bucket as you move down the rows. I went to one in Franklin, MA.

  6. Did you move from Mass to Utah? Thats what we did from Amesbury to Riverton. I will have to check out these berries!
    vanessa from


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