Bringing the Outside In

• 05 July 2008

Buying fresh flowers for my home is something I consider a special treat...something that I occasionally indulge in when expecting company, if its my birthday, or if it's a really bad day! If it's not one of those three occasions, I typically head out to my yard and snip a branch or two instead. I enjoy this because it is an inexpensive (and quick) way to bring a little of the "great outdoors" inside. Having that "touch of green" really makes a room feel more complete, more relaxed, and more inviting.

I snipped this branch from a large bush in my yard, about 10 minutes before my sister arrived into town a few nights ago. It was 11:15 p.m. when I realized the previous resident of this vase was completely dead! The whole thing took about two minutes to create. It's days like this when I don't miss the city :) Gotta love that yard.

Get snipping! Just about any tree (or bush) branch will do :)


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