How to Enlarge Photos on Your Blog

• 03 July 2008

While there is many a witty writer in the blogosphere whom I love, admittedly it's the pictures that I find most alluring...especially large-format photos like those at Black Eiffel. Perhaps I'm only speaking for myself, but I guess I'm a girl who requires visual aids :) This sentiment especially applies to design-related photos. I love to view all those itty bitty details.

I recently discovered how to enlarge blog photos (thanks to Rachel and some internet searching). It's so nice to not have to squint anymore. And the best part? It takes seconds to enlarge your photos on Blogger. Seconds. Not minutes. Seconds. We all have time for that!

Here is what you do:

Go to the "Edit Html" screen when you are ready to create a "New Post":

...then find the section of code that looks like this:

...change "s400" to "s640"...

...then click "Save Now" and head to the "Compose" screen. You should see your photos enlarged. When you click on "View Blog", you will see a noticeable difference in the size of your photos. All those cute pictures of your projects, your children, your home, etc. will look all the better!

A couple of notes:

1. If your html says "s200" instead of "s400" then change the size of your photos to "s400" to start. See how you like it and then upgrade to "s640" if desired.

2. You will most likely have to change the parameters of your blog (and blog banner) to accompany the larger photos. Changing your "outer wrapper" to say 900 or 1000 should do it. Also change the size of your "main wrapper" to about 700.

Good luck!


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