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If I Was the Kind of Girl...

• 26 July 2008

...who could justify spending more than $20 on a wallet, I'd buy this at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale going on now (thank you Rachel for the tip). I'd be thrilled to pull this out of my purse/diaper bag on a daily basis. Then again, that's not really a good thing :)

Fun to look...


  1. You wouldn't regret it if you bought it! I purchased a Hobo wallet several years ago when some birthday gift money was burning a hole in my (old) ratty wallet.

    I love my Hobo wallet! I've had my eyes on their clutch-style ones as well. The good/bad is that my current Hobo wallet has many years in it still.

  2. That is one of the only things I got form th sale this year... was not too impressed.

  3. I love my hobo clutch, picked it up at last year's sale. I love it because you can use it as a purse when going out without the kiddies!

  4. I also have a Hobo wallet in orange that I'm so in love with and is almost in perfect condition nearly 3 years later. It's a worthwhile splurge!

  5. I bought it on clearance at my (Boston) Anthropologie for $25....


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