stephmodo: 80th Birthday Invitation

80th Birthday Invitation

• 28 July 2008

I made these invitations for my sweet Grandma Willa who is guessed it...80! It was difficult to choose which pictures to feature on the invitation--there were so many precious photographs of her. My favorite included her and a few siblings sitting on the side of what appeared to be a Model T style car. Wow. Next time I do something like this I'll do a "test run" at Costco's Photo Center as the colors turned out differently in print. Live and learn :)


  1. They look lovely! 80 years...quite an accomplishment!

  2. This looks awesome! Nice job.

  3. Costco did this?! I had no idea their limits reached this.

  4. I'm sure your grandma loves the card!

  5. Kristyn,

    Costco printed the design we created in Photoshop. You just have them print it out like a photo, even though it's a file in Photoshop. I hope that makes better sense!

  6. I've learned from using Costco, to make sure you don't have the "auto adjust" box checked if you are tweaking colors or creating effects in Photoshop... I too had a batch run and then had to get them re-done.

    Great idea... will have to do something like this for my wife's grandfather (turning 90!).

  7. awesome invitations.

    u should add it here


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