Some Thoughts on Blogging

• 17 July 2008

I love blogging, for the most part. I love viewing so much useful and inspiring information right at my finger tips. I love the sharing of ideas and I love connecting with amazing people out there. I consider it a great blessing in many ways.

There are, however, a few down sides. First, you are putting yourself out there in a big way and sometimes people judge. Not my favorite. Second, friends think they know what is going on in my life by reading my blog, which is really only about 10% of my "real life". Last, sometimes all the ideas that make me love blogging in the first place, become overwhelming. When I realize I can't possibly do all these great things, I get a little bummed. I'm no stylist from New York or LA after all--just a mother of 3 trying to create a life I can be proud of. I try to take it one project at a time and I've learned to be content with that approach.

Anyway, here are a few things I've learned along the way that keep blogging fun, which is what it is supposed to be after all!

1. Designate an amount of time to blog surfing.

2. Don't read every blog in the world every night...perhaps just your "top 5".

3. If you take the time to read a blog, let that person know and leave a comment. They are so fun to read and it's a great way to connect with each other.

4. Do the best with what you have; as in, don't get hung up on what someone else has, does, or completes. Allowing yourself to get sucked into the "I'm a failure because..." trap is not healthy for anyone's self image. Instead, allow the inspiration you receive via blogs to motivate you to shake things up a bit or to finish something you've wanted to complete for some time. Again, it's all about doing your best with what you have and not comparing yourself. I've had to learn this myself.

5. Keep it real :)


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