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Shelves at Container Store

• 17 July 2008

This week for our "project swap", Tiffany and I cleared out my abyss-of-a-craft-closet and turned it into something I can actually walk into--always a plus in my book :) It was such a good feeling to finally tackle this daunting project. That nasty mess was hanging over my head big time.

While organizing things in the closet, I found all sorts of uses for these shelves I picked up in Seattle at the Container Store. They were the perfect solution to utilizing all the dead space between shelves. I love them so much and am now wondering where else I can place them in my home. The shelves are very sturdy and are definitely capable of holding heavy objects too, making them perhaps the perfect solution for my kitchen storage. Hmm...that just came to me as I am writing this post :)

You can view all three sizes of shelves here.


  1. yes i love those shelves! i never thought to put dishes on them. great idea.
    i actually found white ones at walmart. they probably aren't as sturdy, but they are good for lighter things.

  2. I'm in love with the container store - like I go out of my way to try and find a reason to need to go there - "what can I organize today?" haha

  3. ;I forgot how much I loved The Container Store in Houston. Now I'm inspired to see if they have one near me! Organization is my constant battle, but I've made progress!


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