stephmodo: This Week at IKEA

This Week at IKEA

• 09 July 2008

Favorites from my once-every-two-month visit :)

Starting top left going clockwise:

multi-tasking bowl (use it for tabletop decor, mixing, etc.); perfect in a rustic country home or a contemporary loft space and likely everything in between!

a fun family decorating book * (Jenny, yours is en route!)

pebbled leather ottoman in the prettiest of colors

pretty curtains to build a room around

* this is the only featured item not available online. You can find this on the second floor in the Kitchen/Dining section


  1. We have an IKEA a little ways up the road and I just can't stay out of the place! The kids love to go, I love to go, the hot dogs are cheap!

    Love your site, btw. I found you through Black Effiel and was so inspired by your instruction on increasing photo size that I spent the weekend learning how to be an HTML template tinkering hottie! ;O)
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. Stephanie - I've got a question for you. I am wild about the bedding on your bed that you can see in the corner of the photos of your "reading nook" post - you know, with the orange striped pillow, soft white rug, etc. Where did you get it? I'd love some myself. Can you email me at if you have a minute? I would SO appreciate it! :) Thanks!

  3. Thank you thank you thank you!
    J :)

  4. Good idea to limit your trips to IKEA! We used to drive to Cali to shop and now that it's here and we can go anytime, I feel like some of the excitement has worn off. But still, you found some cute stuff! I DO need to go back...

  5. I think I should make it into a regular event too! I love ikea--I just bought one of their toy organization systems for my daughter and it works great.

  6. That book is so awesome. Saw it in the store the other day. So great for ideas

  7. I just purchased that book a couple of weeks ago and love love love it!

  8. I just got back from Ikea, I didnt see any of these wonderful things but I did pick up a pretty good desk for 35.00... not bad if you ask me! :)


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