stephmodo: Organizing Tip #14

Organizing Tip #14

• 09 July 2008

Simple ways to remember important things to do while you are out:

* Put objects that need to leave the room or house with you near the door or on the driver's seat of your car.

* Post a sticky note on the door leading to your car (be it the front door or garage door).

* Post a sticky note on the dashboard of your car as a reminder.

update: this is all pre-iPhone :)  Now I think we'd all use our "notes" app? :)

per the One-Minute Organizer Donna Smallin

photo via flickr

I know it may not sound like a sophisticated system but it does work! I can attest to it all...the notes, the strategic placement of certain things, etc. For me, post-it notes placed in specific places is more effective than a day planner I tote around...and for whatever reason the visual reminders are the most powerful amidst the chaos of kids.

I also find that my time in the car is often when I gather my thoughts and remember things I need to do/remember/follow up on/etc. Keeping a small post-it-note pad and a pen within reach (in the car) is something that's saved me in the past from forgetting things of importance. I am continually amazed at how clear my mind becomes once all three of my kids are strapped into their car seats and distracted by what's flying by their window at the moment! Aahhh...the sweet sound of silence {while it lasts!}.


  1. Great tip! {and don't you love the rainbow of colors that sticky notes come in nowadays?} I also use a magnetic grocery list. That way when I notice I've run out of something, I can jot it down quickly while standing at the refrigerator. It's a great way to write a grocery list.

  2. I love post-its! I use them all the time

  3. I also keep post-its in the car, and they also amuse my little one if needed. Love yout blog!

  4. That's a great idea! I should try it.


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