stephmodo: Etsy Pick of the Week: Chad Wys

Etsy Pick of the Week: Chad Wys

• 08 July 2008

The day I found Chad Wys on Etsy was a good one. a real good one. So good in fact, that the discovery prompted me to run across my front lawn, arms flailing in a very graceless way, to inform the Husband of the news (he found my display of excitement quite humorous). Finally, a modern landscape painting, in a style we both love, at an affordable price...because that's the way Chad likes it. And I like it too. Very much so. In fact, I still can't believe my luck.

As an added bonus I found a ready-made frame at Reuels (in Holladay) for 60% off and ya can't get a better deal-io than that in my book.

Thanks again Chad!

P.S. You can read Chad's blog here. It's a great read if you're in the market for some beautiful art, or you just like to look at beautiful art :) He showcases other talented artists as well as his own new paintings and what not.

P.P.S. His paintings are selling like hotcakes. Just last month there were four pages of paintings to choose from and now there is only one page. Do not panic though, he does paint commissions. In fact, mine is a commission. I selected a few "sold" paintings I liked and asked him to combine the paintings to create a new, original piece with colors that complimented my interior space. Bottom line: make sure you check out his sold paintings under "94 Sales" or whatever it is right now.

Three cheers for affordable, original art!


  1. I love the new painting, and the new table! I guess it's been awhile since I've come by...I'm going to need a tour of the big changes taking place over there!

  2. it all looks so very very nice together.

  3. Thank you for the recommendation! I loved them so much that I bought three of his little paintings. They'll look so great framed as a group!

  4. Thats awesome, I love it and it looks great on your mantel!

  5. gorgeous! i LOVE that so much! thanks so much for sharing - he'll be getting some business from me for sure! [and i love what you picked out - would you mind if i commissioned a painting off of it?]

  6. What a find! I love it. I'll have to check out his sight for sure.


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