stephmodo: Garden Gnomes

Garden Gnomes

• 11 August 2008

You've got to love this French quirk--randomly placed gnomes in the garden. This is one of the little guys lurking around my in-laws' apartment complex, and my favorite I might add.


  1. If you like garden gnomes, you must see the (French) movie "Amelie". Very funny!

  2. Hi Cat,

    I did see an edited version of Amelie but it seemed a little disconnected--likely due to the editing :) But, I do remember garden gnomes creeping up every now and again. Didn't her Dad like them or something?

  3. Hi Ben!
    You're right. Her father loved his gnomes. Since his wife's death, he was feeling depressed so she decided to play a trick on him and asked her flight attendant friend to bring the gnome with her around the world. Pictures of the gnome in front of great attractions were sent to the father who just couldn't believe it!


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