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Jet Lag

• 27 August 2008

This little guy has waaaay too much energy these days at 2 a.m. Yes, my friends, that is when my son thinks it's morning time. Jet lag is so difficult for these little people to overcome...and their mommies too. I can only hope {and pray} it gets better each day.

So, this morning at 2:45 a.m. I heard my little guy up and at 'em. I went out into the hallway to find him coming up the stairs. He said, "Mommy, come here. I have a surprise for you!" He led me downstairs with his little hand and showed me a perfectly set kitchen table, complete with place mats, bowls and spoons (can you tell what we eat for breakfast most days?). I was so touched by his sweetness, I had a difficult time breaking the bad news :)

photograph taken by Justin Hackworth


  1. so cute that he sets the table :)

  2. That's a story to keep for him when he is older! How adorable! He really has your genes, being able to bounce out of bed so early like that! ;-)

  3. This reminds of the last time I flew Paris - Sydney, we were at the local playground for an hour from 2.30am. Some cruising policemen stopped for a play with us, much to my sons' delight!

    Good luck with the adjustment!

  4. The only way to get over jet lag with little ones is humor and flexibility... ask Jenni all about it! She can share some funny tales with you. So... did the little man get to eat?

  5. So cute! Oh, my you have sweet kids Stephanie.


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