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Rain, Rain Go Away

• 22 August 2008

We woke up to rain this particular morning. Our spirits fell...just a little. Time for plan B: head to the local market (only on Mondays) and jump from one vendor (and one umbrella) to another and hope for a small bit o' sunshine.

Lucky for us the rain subsided for an hour or two so we hopped on the river boat next to the market and enjoyed a hour's worth of chateau-hunting and discovering.

P.S. This is the river depicted in the lovely film Chocolat (with Juliette Binoche & Johnny Depp); if you haven't seen it, do so. But make sure you have a stash delicious chocolate nearby. It's going to make you very hungry...


  1. I think your son looks like Mike Lowry.

  2. What river is this? Looks fun.
    By-the-way, we've printed off all your suggestions on your blog for our trip. Thanks again.

  3. Lisa, I can totally see your perspective. He does look like Mike, doesn't he? A little hottie-in-training :) lol.

    Andy, this is the Dordogne River...just outside the town of Beynac-et-Cezanac. Have a great trip! Email me if you need more specific info. I'm only posting basic info on the blog :)

  4. Looks like you guys are having a great time! Everything looks so beautiful. Definately a place I will have to visit someday!

  5. My grandchildren the world travelers! How are they doing speaking French to the natives? Have you had any compliments on their French? I brag about them to my FL teacher friends!

  6. Oh my word, that last photo looks like a painting! I guess that's why painters liked to paint in France. Wow, just gorgeous. What a fabulous trip you're having! Loving your posts.

  7. Very beautiful!

    I've watched the movie, but I don't remember the scene of the river. Now I want to watch it again to check the river.

  8. L. is looking Soooooo grown up and happy!


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