Why I Love France: no. 1

• 05 August 2008

Flaky, buttery pain au chocolat available about every other block. If you love Nutella, you will love pain au chocolat. It is especially nice mixed with day-old croissants in a bread pudding recipe.

P.S. For those interested, the 18-hour trip over here went well...unless you count the time my 17-month old (who is walking finally!!) threw a stacking cup at an innocent passenger during an I'm-so-over-tired tantrum...or the time we sat next to a couple with a baby who refused to give their child a pacifier during the eight hour flight :) Those poor little ears...

P.P.S. After a few nights of h---, the kiddos were back on track with sleeping. Boy, those first few nights were rough (one of which ended with little S. under the Eiffel Tower at 2 a.m.) but we've made it through and are flying high! If anyone is planning a trip involving an 8-hour time change, email me for further info :)


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