Big Apple Pizzeria

• 05 August 2008

When I was a child we lived in small-ish town in Connecticut called Bloomfield...home to a family-owned pizzeria with a name I've long since forgotten. Every two weeks, when my father received his paycheck, we ate at this local joint as a family. We called it "Payday Pizza" rightly so. I can still remember the red crackled plastic glasses, the excitement of going out together as a family, and the time my Dad dumped salt all over his meal, thinking it was parmesan cheese. As kids we thought that was the most hilarious thing ever--seeing an adult do something that we were likely to do ourselves. Great memories.

In Salt Lake there is a pizzeria, called Big Apple, that reminds me a little of the place my family frequented in Connecticut. They also make New York style pizza and the atmosphere is similar in many ways too. We love to eat there occasionally as a family and enjoy a casual eating experience together. My absolute favorite are the Garlic Knots with Tomato sauce. I could subsist on these alone, they are sooooo tasty. We try to order a plate of garlic knots as soon as we sit down (they are made to order) to tide everyone over until the yummy pizza arrives. It does the trick :)

Big Apple Pizzeria
2939 E. 3300 S.
Salt Lake City, UT



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