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Not Your Granny's Shoes

• 29 September 2008

These shoes drew some attention last week so I thought I'd share them with you. You'll be surprised where I picked them up...Aerosoles. Shocked? The gals who liked them were too. When I told them where I purchased them, their jaws literally dropped. To most people "Aerosoles" = "what my grandma wears". Honestly though, I've been shopping there for years! What can I say? I like comfort and every now and again they come out with a shoe or two is both stylish and soft on my feet.

You can find the shoes they loved here at a great discount (and yes, they soooo comfortable).

For this upcoming season I like these boots at Aerosoles...they look similar to these far more expensive counterparts. Plus, I bet they are easier on my feet too. They'll be on sale at the beginning of November I'm guessing, so I'll hold firm.


  1. I got a pair of Aerosoles earlier this summer, and they turned out to be my favorite shoes - so comfortable but cute too. I wore them nearly every day to work. I accidentally left them on the train on the way to work a few weeks ago, and I was devastated! I went back to buy another pair but they were sold out of my size at all the stores & online. Anyway, I checked out the link you posted & they had 1 pair of my size left! I am so happy - thank you for posting about this! :)

  2. How funny!! I just returned from DSW and Marshalls quite disappointed because the pair of shoes I had pictured in my head was not at either store! These were them. Seriously. I must go.

  3. Diana, I'm so glad you arrived at the site in the nick of time. You will love them!

    Jules, I think you can only get them online a few places. If you can't find them at then google "sleigh thread aerosoles" and a few sites should come up.

  4. Thanks for pointing me to What a fantastic shoe site! I'm all excited! Amy

  5. Those shoes are delicious!! I love your blog - thanks so much for sharing!!

  6. I have them in black...and i totally agree..they are my favorite pair of dress shoes. :-)

  7. i totally think i am going to get those boots!!


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