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• 23 September 2008

Well...some of it. But, I think this is a GREAT step in a positive direction.

Click here to read more.

P.S. Why oh why did I sell my vintage Polaroid camera on Craigslist for the ridiculously low price of $5? Talk about an idiot moment :(

photo via Courtland {via flickr}


  1. and why oh why wasn't it me who bought it??!

  2. Some stores still have new ones. 3 years ago M. got me one for my birthday. Once Polaroid announced that they were no longer going to manufacture the film this last year, I started stocking up at local stores and storing the film in my refrigerator. Each photo ends up costing quite a bit, but it's worth it! We're lucky that we get good distribution in Mass. since their offices and factories are here.

  3. oh this is good new indeed. I don't even know what kind mine takes, or what kind those listed are....I need to learn about my own camera.

  4. Hey thanks for using my photo! I agree that it is a step in the right direction, i shoot almost exclusively polaroid.


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