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"the Ranch"

• 24 September 2008

We spent last weekend with some wonderful friends in an exquisite natural setting. The scenery was so spectacular it made me want to sell our house and move to the country...for a few minutes anyway :) I took a zillion pictures but here are a few favorites...somehow I didn't end up with any of our sweet host & hostess...probably because they were too busy taking such good care of us all! They were the best!


  1. What BEAUTIFUL pictures - looks like an amazing vacation :)

  2. What a beautiful ranch! Ane your children are adorable!

  3. Being outdoors? Animals? I bet the kids were in heaven.

  4. Looks idyllic! Thanks for sharing the cute pictures! XOXO

  5. shall we count the hours and minutes until dad comments on his grandkids on horses? Oh, that's right - he has to land on the ground first! But just wait for it - y'all make him proud!!!

  6. I was ready to pounce on the post with the kids and Stephanie on the horse but thought I would read the comments first. Lo and behold there is Mary-Anne calling it right once again. Amazing that woman!

    Nothing like the smell of leather and horse sweat, the creaking sound of a saddle in motion and the view from on top. Wish I could have joined you!


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