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Candy Corn

• 29 October 2008

The other day my youngest daughter spilled her little bag of jelly beans and candy corn (gifted from her Nana) all over the kitchen floor. What did I do? I ran around quickly gobbling up all candy corns (leaving the Jelly Bellies for her eating pleasure) before she had a chance to get to them first. I know, I know. I'm such a good Mom.

In honor of this fun Halloween treat, a few candy corn ideas from Matthew Mead for your viewing pleasure:

Candy Corn Freezes

Candy Corn Favors (you can download templates here)

All you need for the favors are glassine envelopes, tape, and a little ribbon. What a fun thing to give away on Halloween Night if you don't have hundreds at your door :)


  1. those candy corn freezes are SO CUTE! I am totally making them Friday.

  2. If I didn't have a ton of kids, what a great idea.

  3. candy corn are my husband's favorite candy. ever. he's so weird. i bet he would love these though

  4. I would steal my children's candy if I had any children. Guaranteed.

  5. so cute! thank you so much :) your blog is amazing.

  6. those are darling!
    i was just browsing matthew meads site today... amazing.

    and speaking of candy corn. have you seen the candy corn pom poms from martha? i may have to make them..

  7. Love the candy corn freezes! Matthew Meade always has great ideas.

  8. 5 second rule! I'm glad she didn't lose them all, and I'm sure your floors are so clean that she didn't pick up any germs, right?!! ;-)

  9. i forgot to ask you. do you know a good source to get those wax bags? online or local? i'd love to know if you have any suggestions.

  10. Caroline, they are glassine envelopes. I think I found them in San Francisco at Flax or here in SLC at Xpedx on 33rd. You could call ahead and see if they carry any packages of small glassine envelopes. I'd bet they do. I need to stock up soon myself!



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