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La Mer

• 29 October 2008

I really do miss living by the ocean. While I prefer the Pacific, I'd take the Atlantic again any day. There is something about residing near water that feeds my soul.

I've decided this is just what I need on my inspiration board to bring a little serenity into my life. I immediately feel peace when I look at this little work of art...and it completely appeals to my soft spot for artists who mix polaroids with other media, as shown here. The effect is way cool :)


  1. I feel the same way about living near the ocean - thankfully, I get to see it every day! I love the picture - very serene.

  2. I went on a few cruises and once the ship captain said "Time away from the water is time wasted". How I wish I could live near the ocean... Someday I will!

  3. I really like that picture too Steph! I really like it. Alot!

  4. You take after your mom. It's weird because I can feel that calmness even looking at a swimming pool! (Of course, not as much as going to the beach!) When we go to Santa Cruz to visit, we love to walk in the early morning along the sea cliffs (his parents live 4 blocks from there) and we love it! We've seen two pods of killer whales go by before, separate times, and we always see the birds and sea otters...and hear the waves and surf breaking on the rocks. Cool picture, by the way!


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