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Picture Day

• 29 October 2008

7 something: the kids quietly come in and recruit Dad to get up with them...he relents and I'm relieved :)

8:08 a.m. the Husband runs into the bedroom and says, "Steph, it's 8:08!". I'm thinking, 'this is not good...I have to leave for carpool in 7 minutes'.

I rush downstairs and one child is dressed and the other still in her pajamas. I inform her we have 5 minutes to get ready to which she replies..."Mom, it's Picture Day today".


I gather my wits. 6 minutes to spare.

Okay, so you want to wear a dress? Perfect. I think there might be one dress not in need of a good ironing.

Then, the hair situation. This is the tough part as she took scissors to her head 5 weeks ago and things haven't been the same. Thankfully, cute tatertot clip (love those!!) to the rescue and "bangs" are nicely gathered to the side of her noggin.

Pfew. We made it.

Did anyone else have a similar picture day experience or is it just me that was wholly unprepared?!


  1. I've done the same thing on picture day! And actually lately I have been staying up way too late and sleeping way too long in the morning so it has been a rush every morning this week!

  2. I remember back in "the day" Steph when you did a little "something" with your eye lashes :). It runs in the family. ha ha. So cute. Things like this in life though make "looking back" really fun!!

  3. Been there. Both my girls have tried the haircut thing, one was worse than the other. Fun times.

  4. Thankfully they usually have a "make-up picture day" for those who were absent, or for those who need a redo!


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