Teaching Old-Fashioned Values to Kids

• 06 November 2008

I admire many things considered "old-fashioned"...like family dinners, dressing up on Sundays, creative play and more emphasis on respect & responsibility. Perhaps that is why I was recently drawn to this article about teaching children values and manners in our modern world. The "Don't Interrupt Adults in the Middle of Conversation" is one that is going to be hard to shake :) Truthfully though, we have a lot of room for improvement around here, and I realize I need to take more time out to teach my children these things, not just preach to them.

After emailing the editorial staff at Parents Magazine I came to find out they don't feature this article online, but if you have a September 2008 issue, give it 5 minutes (pages 144-47). It's a quick read and definitely worth 5 minutes of your time. If you are more interested in a brief summary, see this blog. Take note that music will play when you arrive so turn the volume down if you need to keep quiet :)


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