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Simplifying Christmas

• 28 October 2008

I'm not one who enjoys the over-commercialization of Christmas. I want to gag when I see tacky Christmas paraphernalia at Home Depot in early October. Seriously? I don't like it because I know it's motivated by profit-making, and not-so-much that they love to share the spirit of Christmas and are full of goodwill towards men.

But, I know there are many-a-mother who like to plan ahead and so for those mothers, I'm sharing a few ideas gleaned from two talented women. I just couldn't resist sharing these fantastic ideas on how to simplify Christmas, especially important in these years of economic instability.

My sister Cherilee is planning a "Craigslist Christmas". What does that mean? Well, that means that every person will give and receive something/s they find on Craigslist. Lucky for her, Seattle's Craigslist is a goldmine and boasts ample selection. It's a great way to recycle, to be able to offer someone else a little cash in exchange for an item, and to keep the gift-giving budget at a very reasonable level. I think it's a grand idea, especially if you are located in a major metropolitan area where Craigslist offerings tend to be better.

Another idea, offered by Danyelle, is to give 4 gifts to each person for Christmas. One is something they can wear, another is something to read, the third is something they want, and the final gift is something they need. Each gift has the appropriate tag attached. This idea not only encourages less spending, but better spending as well as the gifts tend to be more thoughtful. She began this lovely tradition last year (you can read about it here) and I'm happy to report it turned out to be total success. You can read about the outcome here.

I hope you all have a beautiful, simple Christmas that is full of goodness and love. Hopefully you'll find some merit in these ideas as well!


  1. This is a really excellent idea. Thanks for posting it.

  2. Love the craigslist Christmas idea. I'll be suggesting this to my family...thank you!

  3. I love, Love, LOVE these ideas, as I am trying to simplify xmas this year as well. We always go way to overboard, and I want to stop the madness! I think I just might go the whole "want, need, wear, read" route this year. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Great ideas as always Steph! Our family theme this year is "Simplify the Season" so we are trying to keep things low key, and enjoy good friends, family and great food!

  5. I am making several of my gifts this year. Hopefully they will turn out to be things the receivers will cherish. I believe you are giving more from the heart that way. Great ideas, girls!!!

  6. These are great ideas, especially Craig's List - I wouldn't have thought of that but I love it!

  7. we do that with our kids while the inlaws are going CRAZY with gifts, at least we're doing more thoughtful, down to earth things for them!


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