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Wallpapering Small Spaces

• 22 October 2008

The whole wallpaper trend is in full force. If you want to dabble in it, but don't want to really commit, try wallpapering a small space, like this bathroom (or a small section of your kitchen like Joslyn did here). You won't have to look at it all the time, it will make you happy for the few minutes you are actually in the bathroom, and it's easy to remove should you tire of the pattern.

If you're renting, or don't care for the wallpapering process as a whole, check out Jordan's post here for everything you need to know. I would pay extra for an easy-breezy application and removal process!

photo per Maison Design magazine


  1. I've been considering wallpaper for a small extra bathroom we have in the garage -- as a test sight for a bigger project. I'm still deciding though on a print. I do love this black and white pattern.

  2. I love this pattern. I don't think I have the guts to do wallpaper, though. Like you said - maybe a small space.

  3. the other adorable idea i love is wallpapering a closet. here you have this nicely painted room...simple, then you open the closet and there is the sweet touch of wallpaper. it's like the beautiful lining of wool coats....i love how that looks.

  4. Thanks for your couldn't have come at a more perfect time (talk about the law of attraction)! I just painted an accent wall with a design I saw on wallpaper but the tape totally peeled it all off. Looks like I have no other choice than to wallpaper. Great links and tips! Check out my disaster at

  5. I LOVE wallpaper and am so glad that it is back!!!


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