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Zara Kids

• 16 October 2008

I've mentioned Zara Home Kids before (fabulous!!), but did I mention they have a children's clothing collection too? Recently discovered in France, this store is now in my top 5 and I cannot wait to hit it again...with more than ten minutes to shop. If you love Zara Woman, you'll love the kids' line. It's to-die-for cute and priced around Gap prices, although it can be more depending on the day's exchange rate.

While we have our own Zara stores in the US, we do not have Zara Home or Zara Baby. Maybe someday? Until then, look for cute Zara clothing on Ebay and if you're lucky enough to head to Europe or the UK, hit it there too.

You can see the inside of a Zara Kids store here if you're curious :)


  1. We had Zara kids in Montreal! I loved it. Especially the great kid shoes. So cute.

  2. I have been meaning to check this store out in town...I am excited as I am wanting something more than H&M at the moment. Thanks for the reminder!

  3. They have Zara children's and baby clothing here in SF. At the one on Post.

  4. Oh my did I miss it LAST weekend? Now I will have to wait oh so long. Thanks for the heads up time!

  5. Hi Steph!
    Although Zara's online shop isn't available (yet) in the US, you can buy online on the french site and send it to La Maisonnette or to any of your friends in Beynac and ask them to send it to Seattle.
    Btw, there is another online shop that has very cute kids clothing:
    It's a bit more pricey but the quality is amazing and things last forever... even when used by little terrorists ;-)


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