the Halloween Fairy

• 05 November 2008

It's all about the Halloween Fairy this year at our house. Yes, the one who comes after Halloween to carry away your child's candy and in return leaves a fun prize/treasure/gift for the child. It's brilliant (oh thank you kind person who shared this with me last year--whoever you are!) and this year it went well so I think we'll continue the tradition next year.

This is how it went down:

A couple of days after Halloween and much binging and enjoyment, I mentioned that the Halloween Fairy was coming Monday night and that she would leave a treat for them in exchange for their candy. I told them it was their choice and they didn't have to do it unless they wanted to (I felt it was important they choose for themselves); though admittedly I was so happy the answer was "yes". What I like about this tradition is that the kids enjoy Halloween, Trick or Treating, eating lots of candy, the whole shabang. Then, after a few days (maybe a week would work better next time) they have the opportunity to trade it for something that won't incur multiple cavities.

Moving bags were left on the porch, a note was left, and then in the morning a prize awaited inside the bags. Boy, the Halloween Fairy had a difficult time choosing what to pick up. Pictured in this post are the three things she considered for my oldest daughter :) A difficult decision indeed. Since when has PBK become so adorable? Two of the three could almost be Etsy purchases if you didn't know better!


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