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"I'll Be Nice...

• 19 November 2008

...treat others right"...and so the song goes. My children listen to a song all about this important mantra often...they love it. I, as their mother, can only hope and pray that 1/10 of what is being said actually sinks in! In my opinion, however, us adults could use a few tips too :)

Do you ever feel like you live in a world where people need to make fun of other people to make themselves feel better? You know what I'm talking about--a couple of people hanging around discussing another's success and then proceeding to pick it apart or make fun of that person instead of being happy for his/her success. I even saw it in the form of a Mother's Day email making fun of a mother who rose early in the morning to make homemade pies for her family and who knows who else. Pie for breakfast? Props to you sweet mama.

I firmly believe everyone expresses their love and concern in different ways. Sometimes it is manifested verbally, through acts of service, through letters/emails, through physical affection, or through food (my Grandma Willa is a prime example of this). Some people even refer to it as a "love language". What is important here, I think, is that love is doesn't matter how.

Anyway, that wasn't what you were expecting this morning I am sure but it's been on my mind and I needed to share my thoughts.

Click here to find out what your love language is {insert heart}, if you are curious :)

photo via Atomic Citrocity's Flickr page..isn't it pretty?


  1. we just read the love language book for enrichment. very thought provoking. have you read the one for children? i haven't but def. am going to.

    a friend of mine just gave me this quote by Emma Lou Thayne: "we do what we can, we are what we are. to expect more of ourselves is to be mired in discouragement if not despair, the most unproductive of sentences for anyone. we're all basically paddling to stay afloat the best way we know how. with no two of us ever mustering in the same way, how we do it is more to be understood than criticized."

    good, huh?

  2. Hi steph - i totally agree...

    i recently turned off comments on my blog because i was getting mean, obnoxious comments from people...HELLO? don't read it if you don't like it. but why can't we just be nice.

    have you checked out - love it!

    xo, jenny

    ps - you are nice and i bet your kids are too! :)

  3. "oh be nice... oh be nice! Treat others right, made up my mind!"

    That song has stuck in our heads ever since we heard it in you van (over and over)!

    Just had to laugh as we find ourselves singing it to each other if the other is overly grumpy.


  4. I can see how this test would be helpful for a couple to understand better what is most important to each one. It was hard to choose between them sometimes. Thanks for sharing this. I think I'll have H. take this. My primary language of love was "quality time". A couple of the others were a close second/third. Gifts were the least important to me. What was yours? (Curious George)

  5. Stephanie, great post. I took the Love Language test. I seek Quality time first, touch second. Not big on gifts, only a 3 there!

    Some people never learn to ask for what they truly need. They just expect ... and are disappointed, time and time again.

  6. I feel you on this. I recently got an e-mail from a mean ol' blogger about how I raise my kids. "What an idiot," was my first thought. She doesn't even know me and she is telling me how to take care of my son. The best part was that she mentioned that she doesn't have any kids. There goes her credibility.

    Different strokes for different folks. What works for some doesn't for others.

    And I love the pie idea.


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