"I'll Be Nice...

• 19 November 2008

...treat others right"...and so the song goes. My children listen to a song all about this important mantra often...they love it. I, as their mother, can only hope and pray that 1/10 of what is being said actually sinks in! In my opinion, however, us adults could use a few tips too :)

Do you ever feel like you live in a world where people need to make fun of other people to make themselves feel better? You know what I'm talking about--a couple of people hanging around discussing another's success and then proceeding to pick it apart or make fun of that person instead of being happy for his/her success. I even saw it in the form of a Mother's Day email making fun of a mother who rose early in the morning to make homemade pies for her family and who knows who else. Pie for breakfast? Props to you sweet mama.

I firmly believe everyone expresses their love and concern in different ways. Sometimes it is manifested verbally, through acts of service, through letters/emails, through physical affection, or through food (my Grandma Willa is a prime example of this). Some people even refer to it as a "love language". What is important here, I think, is that love is expressed...it doesn't matter how.

Anyway, that wasn't what you were expecting this morning I am sure but it's been on my mind and I needed to share my thoughts.

Click here to find out what your love language is {insert heart}, if you are curious :)

photo via Atomic Citrocity's Flickr page..isn't it pretty?


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