stephmodo: Meaningful Gift No.1

Meaningful Gift No.1

• 11 November 2008

I really, really enjoy receiving my Seeing the Everyday magazine every couple of months. It always seems to come when I need it the most...when I need to be reminded, yet again, of what is truly important in this life. It's a beautiful magazine, through and through. Unlike other magazines, I always gain something when I read the articles and savor the photographs. And I love that it is ad-free.

The recent holiday edition relates a story about a mother who placed 5 corn kernals next to each place setting at Thanksgiving Dinner. Before the dinner this mother shared the story of the pilgrims' first winter, and how they rationed their corn in order to have enough to plant in the next season. Five corn kernals a day per person. Can you imagine living off such meager sustenance? This instilled a great sense of appreciation for the abundance of food on the table that day. In addition, every guest was asked to name five blessings in their for every corn kernal. A lovely tradition in my opinion, and one I hope to impliment in my own home.

I typically like to read such thought-provoking fare during quiet moments, but since those are rare, I try to read just one or two complete stories per sitting. Then, I have some time to process what I've read before moving onto another wonderful story. I think a year's subscription to this magazine would be a wonderful, meaningful gift. Present the recipient with the latest edition, a homemade gift certificate indicating the forthcoming year's subscription, and tie it up with some pretty ribbon for extra presentation.'ve just found something to give that they probably haven't given themself. And, they will think of you every time a new magazine arrives...and then they will thank you.


  1. I loved that story in this issue, too. It made me realize how little I really know about those earliest of pilgrims, and I also realized how we never really had Thanksgiving traditions growing up (other than getting together with family and eating, of course), so I'd love to start something that we could look forward to every year. Thanks for the recommendation on this magazine - I've really enjoyed it, too!

  2. You have mentioned this magazine before. Where do you find it?

  3. I've been thinking about subscribing. You just convinced me with the ad-free comment. Awesome

  4. your blog is FANTASTIC! i have been sitting here for 30 minutes just glued to it! i was wondering if you have categories, cause I would love to be able to access your weekly menu recipes all at once withouth searching>?! thanks so much!

  5. what a great idea. I think the basis of this magazine is very inspiring. I'd just might have to add this to my wish list too! Thanks for the post.

  6. me too, every issue leaves me crying. I have not got to sit down and read the one I just got the other day.

  7. ditto! i love Seeing the Everyday, thanks for the reminder to subscribe

  8. I gave a subscription to my sister for her birthday. I know she will love it.


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