Miz Mooz

• 11 November 2008

The recent discovery of a shoe line based out of NY--featuring stylish and comfortable shoes--has caused great joy to both me and my feet. Trying on a pair of these pretty li'l shoes was bliss. 'How has Miz Mooz escaped me for so long', I wondered? I'm so over these blisters. No more Care Bears wrapped around my heels please.

These boots are real beauties...not cheap, but real beauties nonetheless. Rest assured the line also features more affordable options too. You can find both here.


  1. Oh those are cooooool. I can't afford them, of course, but I love them nonetheless!

  2. oh I want those boots in black. They are just fabulous. Love Nordstroms. They really have the best store dept around.

    Thanks for posting!

  3. oops. I meant "shoe" department.

  4. Wow...I am completely in love!! I will have to save for them...but they seem like the perfect splurge!! I absolutely need them in black. Thanks for all your great insights and finds...always inspired - Heidi

  5. I was just trying on boots yesterday, and none of the cute ones were comfortable. I'll have to check them out. Thanks! XOX Mom

  6. I stumbled upon Miz Mooz at a little boutique in DC, although I think they've since closed, and bought a pair of mary jane type flats. They felt like a second skin, to die for... although I decided that we finally had to part ways when they started to look like a second skin. I miss those shoes.

  7. these are the boots I want but can't have :)

  8. if you dig miz mooz...you'll like this shoe site as well


  9. are they really comfortable? I love them.

  10. I'm wading my way through your archives and having a grand time.

    I too, love me some Miz Mooz!

    These have become my new favorite summer sandals. I wear 'em with everything.



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