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A Pink House

• 18 November 2008

This movie makes me want to move into a pink house and become a bee keeper...because that would solve my problems, right?

Grab a few gals and check out this chick flick before it's going, going...gone. It's a sweet reminder that nurturing is the most important aspect of motherhood. So many thoughts came to my head as I viewed this movie and as cheezy as it may sound, I feel motivated to realign a few of my priorities.

P.S. Another great movie to watch with your boyfriend/husband/brother/father is Rescue Dawn. Albeit very different from "the Bees", I loved it too.

photo via Sue Monk Kidd's website


  1. I LOVE the book. I need to see the movie!!!! :)

  2. I have wanted to see that movie.
    I've already got the pink house, maybe I just need to get some bees:)

  3. Just saw the movie this past weekend. These pink houses are actually turning up all over. Just read about one in NJ - some people abhor them (the locals); others love them to bits (the owners/tourists). The Secret Lives of Bees movie had me crying from the beginning - it was a real tear jerker, and I needed a good cry-out!

  4. I finished reading the book last week and went out and saw the movie last night. I loved it! I love when August describes why she painted the house pink.

  5. I read that book a few years ago with my book club in Maryland. I loved it! I am looking forward to going to see the movie this week! I've only heard good reviews from those who saw it after reading the book, and from those who never read the book alike. I don't think I've heard of the other movie. I don't think it is here right now....Maybe soon it will be. At least I can add it to the Netflix list, right?

  6. I LOVED this movie. I'm inspired to read the book now.

  7. Loved seeing this with you! What a fun night! We need to make the girls night a more regular activity.


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